Here it is!!!! The Modern Christmas Group!!! I am so excited to share this group with you. This is fun and invigorating. It just shouts HAPPY!!! I am so giddy about this group. It was so much fun shopping for the photo shoot and putting it all together.

The Modern Christmas Group includes:

2" Party Circles (7 designs)
Wine Tags (1 design)
Gift Tags (1 design)
Decorative Labels (1 design)

The decorative labels can be used for food/dessert table or place cards. The wine tags are great for giving a hostess gift or for any gift need, you may have. The gift tags are a fun way to add color and a festive look to any package.  This group is very versatile! Dress up your Christmas table with the Modern Christmas Group!!! Most of the products can be personalized. Please fill out the order form at the bottom of the page.

Happy Holidays!!!