Hello!!! I love to host parties as well as plan them, so it is only natural that I would want to share with you, some of the parties I have thrown for my children.  Most recently I threw my daughter a 'Fairy' party. It came out really cute and I was so excited at the results!!! I was inspired by so many wonderful sites I visited on the web, here are just a few I was inspired by: http://www.hostesswiththemostess.com/http://www.amyatlas.com/http://www.butterflycraze.com/http://www.thetomkatstudio.com/http://www.thecelebrationshoppe.com/ and so many more. I made most of the decorations myself. Like the paper pom poms which hung above our windows and in the loft;  the butterfly garland, which was placed over the fireplace and around the dessert table; the 'welcome to fairyland' sign and 'Tinks workshop'. I made the cupcake toppers which matched the colors of the party. I also made the meringue cookies. 

As well as the food description tags. I thought that was a fun little detail. I decorated the tree with butterflies I purchased at Hobby Lobby.  I embellished the 'fairy dust' goody bags with 'Wish' tags and mini wands. The girls loved this detail. I bought the wings and halos from http://www.haloheaven.com/. I did embellish the wings so they were more 'fairy-like'. I had so much fun planning her party and making it come to fruition. The look in her eyes was one I will never forget. She said the morning of the party, when she woke up, "this really is a fairyland mommy!!" Such sweet words made it all worth it.  I will have to blog about my son's 'Big XII' party, as that deserves a post all by itself.  I hope you will enjoy my blog and please post comments - I would love to hear from you!!! Have a Wonderful Day!! If you would like the recipe for the meringue cookies just email me!!