For my son's 1st birthday we had a 'Big XII' birthday party, since he was turning the big 12 months old!! My husband came up with the clever idea, so I really can't take all the credit. Although, I wish I could because it was so great!! I searched many websites to come up with several ideas for the party. But in the end, I tapped into my creative juices and let them flow.  I wanted my son to represent all the 'Big XII' football schools, so I made him a t-shirt with all the schools on it, made flags of each school for his football field cake and made t-shirt cookies, which I decorated in the colors of the 'Big XII' football conference. My husband stayed up all night to complete the 'football field'. We bought the turf at Home Depot and he created the yard lines and end zones to duplicate a real field.  We asked the children and parents to dress in their favorite 'Big XII' football team colors. We had a lot of fun with this theme and the parents thought it was great. We had pom poms for the kids to play with and play footballs to throw. I borrowed a table from our Mother's Day Out program so the kids could sit at a child level table to eat cake & ice cream. This worked out great. I bought authentic felt pennants which represented each 'Big XII' school and hung them around the arch of our kitchen. I placed a mini football helmet of each school around the food table. I think everyone had fun. Please, share your thoughts with me in the comments section.