It's finally feeling like fall here in Dallas, so I am sprinkling pumpkins around the house. I love all the colors they come in now and wanted to share a simple fall pumpkin table runner with you. 

I pulled out some of my fall decor tubs and dug out my pumpkins - most of them. It is crazy to see the amount of pumpkins I have, but I am definitely not mad about it! A friend of mine told me recently, the white pumpkin weren't popular until about 2005. See those white pumpkins on my table? I am pretty sure I painted those when my daughter was a baby, which would have been around 2004. Was I ahead of the times? Not sure, but I know I loved the look of the white pumpkins then and still love them now.

On to the tutorial for this beautiful table runner, I started with an orange and white buffalo check throw as my base. As I started to build the runner up, I knew I wanted to incorporate my white pumpkins and taper candles, so I placed those items next. Candles not only provide an ambience, but add subtle beauty to your decor. The smaller green pumpkins are the perfect size and shape I was looking to add in, as they make the color in the garlands pop. My eucalyptus garland is a staple in most of the tablescapes I style, {see it here and here}it tends to bring a little of the outdoors in. I simply weaved two separate garlands under and around the pumpkins I wanted to use. I do love the orangish-red pumpkin I've had for years, and knew a pop of orange was needed. It's funny, I am not much of an orange pumpkin fan, I love the greens, pinks, yellows and whites all in the various shades. But being from Colorado the presence of orange, is quintessential with the fall season. The ceramic pumpkin soup bowls I shared awhile back on an Instagram story also made the cut for this runner. I like mixing up not only colors but textures, like the mini velvet Jack-Be-Little pumpkins {also known as Baby Boos, Munchkins or Sweetie Pie}, it tends to appeal to the senses and makes it more believable and life-like. Shop your yard, look for anything you can add such as pinecones, acorns, berries or leaves, it won't cost you anything and it adds dimension to your table.  

 So as a recap: 
  • Start with a base on the table
  • Select a variety of pumpkins
  • Add in a garland or two
  • Remember candles provide subtle beauty
  • "Shop" your yard for anything you can add such as pinecones, leaves, berries or acorns - to bring the outdoors in
  • Stand back and enjoy your new Fall Pumpkin Table Runner