A few weeks ago, I finally decided to organize my Prop/Craft Closet in my home office. I have no excuse since we have been in our new home for almost a year and my office is the last area that still needed to be organized. So today I am sharing a before and after as well as a few tips! 

Before I started, it was a big mess in the middle of the floor, that I continued to add to as each holiday and season came around. I would literally walk around it! NOT proud of that at all! 
I just wasn't sure where to begin, everything was crammed together and there wasn't any organization to my chaos, does this sound familiar? If so, keep reading for tips on how I tackled my clutter and so can you! 

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In our old home, I had a larger space with a MUCH larger closet + a large wardrobe closet I used for storage as well. Since buying our new home, I have a much smaller area to fit everything into and since I no longer style children's parties, I donated all of those props and supplies to our school. Keeping everything in clear plastic bins allowed me to see what I had on hand at a glance, but since redirecting my niche to more home decor and fashion I no longer need much of what I had on hand. 

MY 8 TIPS {keeping the three rules of organization in mind - visibility, accessibility and flexibility}:
  • Organize one area at a time
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get the job done - don't rush if you don't have to
  • Go through the clutter and either donate or throw out what you don't want or use any more - I use the two-year rule of thumb
  • Take inventory of what you have left over, does it all belong in that particular space?
  • Use all the space you have, including the vertical space above closet shelves/doors
  • Color coordinate tablecloths, napkins and ribbon - so it's easier to find
  • Organize like items together - ie. tablcloths, craft supplies, seasonal items
  • Label everything that isn't visible
With some organizational supplies and the tips I used, I was able to go from the above photo to this:

I am SO much happier and get a lot more work done now that my office is organized. That's it friends! Are you ready to tackle your clutter, where ever that may be? 

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