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This coming Sunday is Palm Sunday and since we are social distancing during the COVID19 pandemic, we will be celebrating at home! Several people in my neighborhood have decided to 
hang palm wreaths on our front doors to celebrate the season. I took this opportunity to create a DIY and am sharing the tutorial with you today. 

A few of these supplies you may already have on hand. 

TIME NEEDED: 30 minutes

  1. First, lay out your leaves the way you want them to look for your wreath. For the palm leaves I used, there were two large leaves per branch, so I simply adjusted the leaves and spread them out. 
  2. Use the jute twine to hold the branches together. Wind the jute around the entire base of the branches and hot glue the loose end once you are done. 
  3. The branches should now be secured, I wrapped a short piece of ribbon {15"} around the base and tied it into a flat knot {meaning I tired to make the knot as flat as I could, knowing I was adding a longer bow and ribbon to the top}
  4. Cut the short ribbon tails either at an angle or into a V cut. To cut the ribbon in a V cut, fold your ribbon tail in half and starting at the open ends, cut at a diagonal. 
  5. Next, add your longer ribbon{30"}with a bow. Make the bow before adding it to the wreath and hot glue to the "flat knot" of the shorter ribbon
  6. Measure how long you want your wreath to hang from the wreath hanger and cut that length from the monofilment. I like to use this monofilment {fishing line} so the string isn't noticeable. 
  7. Enjoy your new wreath. 

I did tack the shorter ribbon to the branches so you could see this ribbon better. I love the way it turned out and the short time it took me to make it.

If you make your own Palm Leaf Wreath, please share it with me by tagging BellaGrey Designs on all the social media channels.

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