Please give me all the sweets! Then add in all kinds of colorful sprinkles, some Lucky Chrarms cereal marshmallows and colorful chocolate and you will get...........

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This is such a easy dessert to make for family and guests for your St. Patrick’s Day get together! Are you asking, just how easy is it? I whipped this colorful treat up in just minutes and I have to tell you it may be the quickest dessert there is, not to mention the most colorful! 

Below you will find all you need to recreate this fun and delicious dessert!

🍀Lucky Rainbow🌈 Bark Recipe:

Ingredients and supplies: 
1 Bag white melting chocolates 
3 Tablespoons Rainbow colored melting chocolates (6 total)
Lucky Charms cereal
Variety of sprinkles
6 small bowls
Parchment paper
Cookie sheet

  1. Pour entire bag of white melting chocolates into microwave proof bowl and melt in microwave until most of the chocolates are melted, making sure it does not burn. Stir until all chocolate is melted. 
  2. In other bowls, add one color of melting chocolates to each bowl
  3. Pour white melted chocolate onto parchment paper lined cookie sheet
  4. Smoothing with back of spoon
  5. Working quickly, melt other six colors of chocolate individually and pour these in rows across the white chocolate. 
  6. Don’t worry if your chocolates start to harden before you are done with all the colors. If this happens, simply place in a low temperature oven (200 degrees) for approximately 2 minutes or until the chocolates start to melt. 
  7. Remove from oven and take a butter knife and simply swirl the colors together to make a fun design. 
  1. Now it’s time to add all the fun items like Lucky Charm marshmallows, star sprinkles, gold sprinkles and anything else you can think of. Simply sprinkle each item over swirled chocolate. 
  2. Place in freezer for approximately 10 minutes to harden. 
  3. Once hardened, break into pieces with your hands

If you make your own, I would love to see it! Make sure to tag @BellaGreyDesigns so I can take a peek!

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