Did you know, confetti is a traditional symbol of good luck for the bride and groom tossed in the air to wish them health, happiness and a long life together? I incorporated it into the bridal shower for the guests to have some fun. 

Today, I am sharing this fun DIY as part 2 of our Geometric Navy and Gold Bridal Shower Party with Cricut. If you missed this fabulous party, you will want to read all about it, here! I am pretty sure it is one of my favorite tablescapes to date!

I love confetti, so I thought it would be fun to add the confetti packets to this bridal shower. Who doesn't like to be showered with confetti? Ok, maybe some of you, but overall it is super fun! 

Guess what? If you don't own a Cricut Explore Air 2, we are giving one away!! Oh yes we are! More on that opportunity later, so make sure you read this post entirely! 

Let's get to the Confetti Toss Me packet. 

What You Will Need: 
In Cricut Design Space when I searched for diamond images I found this one {M3913B from Once Upon a Princess}

I found a font I liked and spelled out TOSS ME and sized it the the size I wanted. 

Now I was ready to load my Vellum. I inserted the Blue 1.0 Metallic Pen and made sure WRITE was highlighted on my Cricut Explore Air 2 machine so it would WRITE the words TOSS ME. {You will find this in the layers panel. Click on the font and at the top it will have the choice to Cut, Write, Score, Print. Make sure you choose WRITE}. Also, make sure you choose the color pen you are using.

Insert your vellum and let the Cricut Explore Air 2 do it's job! 

Once it is cut remove it from the cutting mat, it should look like this! Make sure you save your project. 

Now it is time to cut the confetti! This is the fun part! In the drop down menu at the top where you saved your project, click on new. Now insert the shape(s) you want your confetti to be. We chose the circle, hexagon, pentagon and the diamond shapes. 

We wanted the confetti to be small but not tiny, so we chose 3/4" or .75"

We made 26 of each design so we would have plenty of each design for the Toss Me packets.

Insert your Gold and Navy cardstock to be cut into confetti. Once they are cut you will have your Toss Me packet ready to go. Glue four of the five sides with Elmer's glue leaving one of the longest sides open to insert the confetti pieces. 

This step is OPTIONAL! You can sew the sides closed, which would be super cute, 

but I could not sew a straight line to save my life that day, so I opted to use the gold glitter washi tape to finish off the Toss Me packets. I simply taped each side of the packet and added a gold cord loop, in case I wanted to hang the packets or attach them to ribbon. 

Now you are ready to hand these super fun Toss Me Confetti Packets to all your friends!! 

Remember when I told you, you would have a chance to WIN you very own Cricut Explore Air 2 machine?

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Good Luck! 

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