What is not to love about Valentine's Day? I love the colors and the joy of this holiday! Call me sappy! With two young kiddos, I enjoy making and designing new elements of this holiday, so this year, I designed Cupid Arrows with it's very own quiver! I am so excited how they turned out!

Are you ready to make your own? Let's get started!

Here's what you will need:

Wooden Round Dowels {I used 3/16"}
Spray Paint {in the colors you would like your Cupid Arrows to be}
Ribbon, Twine, Jute or Cording {whatever you would like to wrap the dowels with}
Cylinder Container ~ for your quiver {I purchased mine from the Dollar Tree}
Wrapping Paper or Scrapbook Paper to decorate the cylinder
Scrapbook Paper in the colors you want the arrow and feathers to be {I used glitter cardstock}
Matching Paper Shred
Fluffy White Feather Cupid Wings **OPTIONAL**


1) Spray paint your dowels
2) Hot glue the ribbon onto the dowel to obtain the desired look {I twisted mine and hot glued both ends}
3) Cut out the arrows and feathers {find the pattern at the bottom of the post}
4) Attach the arrows and feathers with hot glue


1) Cut the paper {scrapbook or wrapping} to the length and width of the cylinder
2) Attache the paper to the cylinder
3) Insert matching paper shred to the inside to keep the Cupid Arrows in place
4) Add a matching strap if you'd like **OPTIONAL** {I did not do this step}

Now comes the fun part! Attach the quiver to the Cupid Wings if you would like {I used hot glue to attach}

Now you can hang the Cupid Wings wherever you would like, on a door or wall it will look great and your friends will be asking you to make them some! Both my kiddos love these and they each have a set in their room. I can tell you with certainty, these are their FIRST set of arrows but will not be their last. 

I used a few of my wings and arrows on the backs of my dining room chairs at my Follow Your Heart Valentine's Day Party. More to come on the party soon. 

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