For as long as I can remember, stationary, pens and beautiful paper have always been a fascination to me. I recently hosted my daughter's Dress to the 9s party and now we are getting ready to mail out her Thank You Notes. If you follow me on Instagram you saw some sneak peeks of the party prep and the party itself. I will share the party later on in another post.

How important is sending a Thank You Note to you? For me, it is a must!

As a kid, I use to love to receive mail especially from friends and family. I have always enjoyed sending out little notes and cards to say hello and/or thank you. When my kids were old enough to write a word or two, I introduced them to Thank You Notes. I think it is very important to send out notes of thanks for any gifts you receive. The earlier you teach your kids, the more it will become habit for them as they get older.

With technology, the popularity for handwritten Thank You notes have gone by the wayside. Today we are sharing our tips for Thank You notes. 
I loved going to the stationary store with my mom and looking at all the beautiful paper. I watched her as she carefully picked out stationary and hand wrote all the gorgeous notes to friends and family thanking them for the various gifts she had received.

Thank You notes are not just for gift givers, you can send them to a hostess or show your appreciation for the support you were given.

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