We have been flooded with Christmas cards this year and they seem to have all come in at once! We have a great idea to share with you on how to keep those cards looking pretty and organized! 

Here's what we did: 

We gathered our supplies: 
clothes pins
paper plates
painting sponge

Added glue to one plate and glitter to the other {it doesn't look like much glue, but it is}. 

Dip the clothes pin in the glue 

Spread it out evenly with your painter sponge

Place the clothes pin in the glitter and................

We simply took a long piece of string and wrapped it with garland

until it was the length we wanted it to be. It had to cover this long hallway

And now we have the perfect place to display our cards and share them with family and friends as they enter our house. 

Hope you enjoyed this super easy and fun DIY to help you make the most of all the Christmas cards you receive this year!