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We love styling and hosting parties, but when an impromptu opportunity comes along we are all in, especially during the summer months! Remembering the ice cream trucks that use to cruise our neighborhood when I was a child, we decided to use the tailgate of our Yukon, we put together this delicious and easy neighborhood tailgate ice cream party and added some of our favorite ice cream, the New Klondike Kandy Bars. We picked two flavors - Cookies & Cream and Fudge Krunch!

Mmm....just look at that rich fudge sauce! Is your mouth watering yet? It should be!
This party couldn't be easier. We simply opened up a few boxes of the Klondike Kandy Bars added some fun party decor and just like that you have a party! 

 For easier eating we placed a wooden stick in the bottom of each Kandy Bar and added a fun mini ribbon for a little pizzazz!

Do you love mason jars as much as we do? We made milk shakes using both flavors of the Kandy Bars. These were so refreshing and oh so good!!

We simply blended two Kandy Bars with ice and 1/2 cup of milk together, poured into mason jars and added a fun striped paper straw. 

 We made a sample bar station so our guests could try both flavors. 

We crushed up two Kandy Bars, added a little ice cream and poured it into these fun little cups added ribbon and some wooden spoons for tasting. 

 The hard shell is so tasty and a fun way to tell which flavor you are tasting. 

You can't have ice cream without a little bit of cake and cupcakes are the perfect size.

Make sure you have cones and a simple drink on hand, just in case anyone wants to try the Kandy Bars in a cone and needs to sip on a refreshing beverage. 

We invited our neighbors to the tailgate ice cream party with this festive invitation

After waiting way too long, the kiddos were finally able to dig in!

 In their words, "mommy, these are so YUMMY!!!" Can we have them for lunch? Silly kids, Klondike Kandy Bars are for breakfast not lunch!! Ha Ha not really, but these are seriously delicious and if I could eat them for breakfast I would! Learn more about these perfect summer treats here!

If you would like to host your own Neighborhood Ice Cream Party, you can by purchasing the Klondike Kandy Bars in the freezer section of most grocery stores and don't forget to download all of our fun party decor for FREE HERE! Talk about a stress-free party!