Hello everyone!!! Happy New Year! 
If you are like me, when we start a new year, I always want to start fresh in our home too! We make the trip to Home Depot {oh, the inspiration I get there ~ that's for another post} and my mind starts to spin! I get so excited to start fresh. This year is no different. It could be the 10 year itch this year. We have been in the house for 10 years now and I'm ready to make change happen! We made the trip to Home Depot and we found ourselves in the paint department. We have been discussing the paint colors for the master, kitchen, laundry room and kids rooms, for awhile now. With both of us working, it's hard to find the time to paint, but my hubby decided he would do a project per month this year ~ that is his new year's resolution. So first on the agenda is our laundry room! Woo Hoo!! I'm so excited! It's the smallest room {that is on our list} and it's the one that will be complete as soon as it is painted. That will be a great feeling to scratch something off our To-Do List. 

This is what we found: 

For the Master: 

You can see the original color ~ a little off white with the white trim. I really like this grey and my hubby is on board with the color too!!! Huge bonus!! 

For our daughter's room:

When she was a baby we painted it a light green color, needless to say, she doesn't like it and who can blame her? I'm not a fan of it anymore either! So out with the green and in with the yellow! We placed this sample up this past weekend, so I could test the color in different light. She has since said, "Mommy, I really like the yellow and can't wait to have my room painted." She loves hot pink and dark purple, but is really into turquoise now too, all of which I think will look great with this color yellow! 

For the laundry room 
{I know, why paint the laundry room, you are just in there to do work} Why shouldn't the laundry room be pretty too? I LOVE this paint sample we found {waiting for the hubs to test it on the wall, so I can see if it is a pretty as I think it will be! 

We've also started to de-clutter the house. We pulled all of our Christmas decor down and put it all away.  I finally removed all the decor above the kitchen cabinets ~ Oh, yes we had stuff above the cabinets! YIKES! I removed it last week when my hubby was at work. He didn't notice it until the kids told him, I had taken it all down. 

Are you doing any painting, redecorating, remodeling or de-cluttering this year? We'd love to hear your stories.