Today we are sharing how to create our gold glitter jar. We shared this last week over at Everyday Party Magazine, but in case you missed it, we wanted to share it with you here on our blog too! 

This is such a fun and festive way to add sparkle and glam to your New Year's Eve party table! 

What you will need: 


Spray Adhesive
Glitter {your choice of color}
Painters Tape


1) Tape the top of the jar {if you don't want the glitter to cover the entire jar} with painter's tape. 

2) Pour glitter into a paper plate

3) Spray the Adhesive over the entire jar

4) Roll the jar back and forth in the glitter to make sure it has good coverage

5) Let the jar dry {usually 2-3 hours}

6) Peel off the tape and you have a beautiful glitter jar you can fill with New Year's Eve horns like we did or fill it with pretty flowers.