Hello everyone! Today, we are sharing with you a heartbreaking, but spiritually uplifting story. It's not about a party, but about a friend of ours. As I read this story, my eyes welled with tears and I was full of a new appreciation of God, my family and my life. 

While visiting their family {late June} in Atlanta, my friend Andrea discovered a large growth above her left breast. They went in for a biopsy, the ultra sound showed the growth was close to her heart and the doctor determined they needed to go immediately for a CT scan before a biopsy. After a few hours they had been at the hospital for the biopsy, they were listening to the doctor explain Andrea had a large growth {12 cm} inside her chest cavity. It was pushing against her larynx and trachea and surrounding all four main arteries. The tumor behind the her chest was so aggressive it had gone through her top rib and began manifesting itself! It was determined to be lymphoma. 

Andrea and her husband, Josh, have four beautiful daughters {family photo above}. The Smith family is part of the MacArthur Blvd Baptist Church, in fact, Josh is the Pastor there. We have known this family since their second oldest child and our daughter were in Mother's Day Out together there. We are not members of this Church, but both of our kiddos attended Mother's Day Out there and we know several members as well as this beautiful family. 

What can we do to help? As far as I know, they are not asking for donations, just many, many prayers. If you know what we can do for them or you have any ideas about what else this beautiful family needs, please share your ideas with us! 

Then, take a moment to appreciate your healthy, happy, strong family and give them hugs and kisses every chance you get! I can't imagine what the Smiths are going through. You can read more of their story HERE!

As of this past Saturday, Andrea has received her second 5-day dose of Chemo and doing good! 

Please keep Andrea and her family in your thoughts and prayers! 

I'm sure Andrea would love to read your words of encouragement, if you have time, please stop by her Facebook page and leave her a message.