BellaGrey Designs: One Big Party!

One Big Party!

I know you all LOVE giveaways!! This one is a biggie!! BellaGrey Designs loves to partner with other party guys and gals, so this time we have partnered with Feather of Printable Parties to Go to offer you a dream party!!! A total of 95 prizes are up for grabs ~ all party related, from baked goods to printables to crafts and party supplies!! Can you imagine what kind of party you could have with 95 different prizes? Here is the list of vendors if you are interested in who is participating in the giveaway.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


This BellaGrey Designs was not compensated for being part of the giveaway and all opinions are our own. 
We are not in charge of selecting or distributing the prizes to winners. For all correspondance on this giveaway, please contact Feather at Printable Parties to Go via email at

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