BellaGrey Designs: Feature:: Train Crossing Birthday Party

Feature:: Train Crossing Birthday Party

 Hello everyone! 
Are you thinking about having a Train party anytime soon? If so, we created a new collection "Train Crossings" for a fabulous customer!!
This little guy turned one and mommy wanted to have a train theme for his party to celebrate! 
Take a look at the photos below!

This collection includes:
Cupcake Toppers
Water Bottle Labels
Party Favor Tags
Happy Birthday Banner
Welcome Sign

The entire collection is available in our shop now! Everything is customizable!! 

If you are a loyal friend of BellaGrey Designs, then you know the drill with new collections ~ Save 50% off for the first week they are in the shop enter "NewCollection" at check-out!! PS even if this is your first time here at BellaGrey Designs, you too, can take advantage of this great sale!! 

Have a great day!!!



  1. Cute striped motif for this the train conductor's hat (or have I been watching too many cartoons?)!

    1. The conductor's hat was the inspiration behind the stripes!! Our customer knew exactly what she wanted for her little conductor!!

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