You may have seen our new So Sweet Valentine's Day collection floating around on the social medias ~ but today we want to share it all with you! 

The inspiration we received for this collection was from my kiddos! We were talking about Valentine's Day shortly after Christmas {I know, I know, my kiddos aren't really sure what holiday it really is because the house is decorated several different ones at once}! When I told them Valentine's Day was one of my most favorite holiday next to Christmas, they giggled {only how little ones can} and said they liked it because of all the yummy treats! My daughter said, "It's just such a sweet day" and my son added, "It has lots of red and white candy that is very yummy!"

My kiddos love cupcakes, fudge and Jell-O gigglers, so those were key elements to the party menu. They helped me make all of the treats for the kid-friendly sweets table. We designed it just for them with their friends in mind!

Who doesn't like milk with their cupcakes? We prefer to serve milk instead of juice or another sugary drink and the moms appreciate it too! The kids enjoyed themselves and loved the gumball pipettes to take home! 

You can purchase our Valentine’s Day “So Sweet” Collection for your own party. This collection is offered in two options ~ printable or custom-made! Visit our Etsy shop for more details and inspiration!

Have a Super Sweet Day!!