This isn't our normal party post, but I just have to share!!
 What do these ingredients all have in common? 

Avocados, Jalapeno Jack Cheese. Cucumbers and Banana Peppers

You're right ~ together they make a Fabulous healthy sandwich!!!  I craved these items both times I was pregnant {NO, I'm not pregnant} but I have been making them again the past week or so and have fallen in love all over again!! 
Today, my little guy and I ate lunch together {we do that when he's home with me} and I made my favorite sandwich and he asked to take a bite ~ "yummy, mommy"! He said, then proceeded to ask for all the same ingredients to be placed on his plate! My kids love spicy food and could live on avocados and cucumbers, if I let them! In fact, it is so funny to hear my kids' teachers comments when they see what is in their lunch boxes! Usually there are slices of Jalapeno Jack cheese, cucumbers, and cottage cheese ~ among other items! Yep, my kiddos love those foods!! On the nights I make chicken tacos, both the kiddos eat a full avocado each!! I let them, since it is a "super food". 
Any food items your kiddos eat that are great for them but you get comments about them from others? Please share! 

Have a Super Healthy Day!!