Happy 2013 to all of our friends!! We hope this year you will accomplish all that you hope for! We are starting out on a good note! We re-organized our studio {aka our guest room/studio/creative thinking room}today! It took most of the day, but hey when it's all said and done, we accomplished our goal for today & it was a biggie!!! A little background on our studio: a few months ago, I was at the school and just happened to come across this beautiful conference table they no longer needed/wanted. So I asked the powers that be, if I could have it! "Of course" is what I was told.  I was so excited about this new piece of furniture, I called my hubby to tell him the good news ~ he was not as thrilled as I, but eventually saw that this could be a great table for all my photo shoots and parties! A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door and there it was.....my table!! What! I thought I would have a couple of days or even weeks to prepare my studio for this LARGE addition!!! Nope!! Here it was, ready for a new home, but the home wasn't ready for it!! After getting it up 2 flights of stairs {oh, yes!!} the movers, just left it there in the middle of the room!! What was a girl to do, but to try to rearrange everything in the studio to make it look like it "fit" in! The table arrived at 1130 am and it was now time for my husband to come home {6 pm}. So I never mentioned the table had already been delivered, however, my hubby takes his shower upstairs in the bathroom attached to the studio!! You know where this is going.....he was quite sweet about the whole thing. He came back downstairs and said in passing "that sure is a big table". OK, let's fast forward 3 months, here we are January 1, 2013!! What is the saying, "out with the old, in with the new"? That is what I have decided to do! I'm getting rid of the table ~ I really like it and it was great for what I need, but it is just to BIG for the room. So until I have my own studio {no beds or other items that resemble a guest room} I will need to down size! If you are here in the Dallas area and are looking for a great table {conference length} and would like to give mine a new home email me at Jennifer@BellaGreyDesigns.com and we will talk. My studio now looks so clean and organized with all my party items in one {OK, 3 containers ~ if I told you how many I really have you might have me committed}!! I hoard all things party!!! That is something I will work on this year!! So that is my end ~ getting a great table & now having to get rid of it for a new beginning!!
What about you? What are your new beginnings this year?
We hope you have a Fabulous start to the New Year!!