Football field ~ check! You may remember this from our Big XII football party! We just rolled it up and stored it inside and it's still in great shape!! We just removed Big XII from the end zones! And now we are ready for the big game this weekend!! What are you doing this weekend? Are you celebrating for the big game or do you even watch it? This time around, I don't have a favorite team playing, so I'm really only watching it because I do like football and for the commercials! 
I wish the game was on Saturday instead. It makes it hard to have people over with school aged kids and it is hard for us to go anywhere because we have school aged kids that will need to get up the next day for school! What are your thoughts about changing Super Bowl Sunday to Super Bowl Saturday? 

We are celebrating early ~ we are offering all of you ~ our fabulous readers 
So if you need some last minute party decor to add to your party this weekend, go check out our football themed printables!!  This sale will end Saturday, February 2, 2013 @ 5pm CST!! What are you waiting for ~ go get yours now!!! At check-out type in Super Bowl 2013!!

Happy Shopping!!! And good luck to the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens!!!