You know how much I LOVE Oreos, right? 
What until I share this mouthwatering post with you!!! One of my new friends, Ashley of Sugar and Cloth introduced this to her readers about a month or so ago, I came across it when searching for other things and just knew I HAD to share it with all of you!!!!

Does this look divine or what? My mouth just waters when I look at the photo!! Yep, you got it right ~ Peanut Butter Oreo Cupcakes!! All of my favorite things wrapped up in one pretty little package!!! Wonder if Ashley would make me some if I asked her really nicely!! Oh wait, she shares the recipe on her blog! I'm thinking these would be good enough for breakfast, come on, you know you were thinking the same thing!! {hee hee}

The only bad thing is that my kiddos are allergic to peanuts & peanut butter ~ does that mean I would have to eat these all by MYSELF?? Hmmmm........
Go give our new friend some love and grab the recipe while you're at it!! 

Have a Super Fabulous Day!!!