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I'm super sad ~ my laptop died before my eyes last friday afternoon!!!! We had just finished a very large job ~ thankgoodness!! But now I'm shopping for a laptop and a desktop ~ we like to have both just in case one dies! Back in early June, our desktop died and thought "it's OK, since we have the laptop, we'll just use that" ~ well, now both have died!! We are thinking about a iMac & a MacBook, but OUCH the prices of those!!! YIKES! Not to mention if we went that route, we'd have to purchase all the software for the Macs! That means new Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office!! Those aren't cheap! Considering we just upgraded our Creative Suite last year!!!
We had Dells and loved them, so do we stay with what we know {do we stay or should we go now....OK, the song just popped into my head} or venture out to something different? What do you think? This is NOT what we needed right now! Any of your opinions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! We are borrowing a friends computer {Thank you SO much} until we purchase another one for us ~ so we need to make a decision by the end of the week!!!

Thanks so much for your help!!!