BellaGrey Designs: Having a picnic ~ don't forget these

Having a picnic ~ don't forget these

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Can you believe these are cupcakes? I was on Pinterest the other day and came across these wonderful looking cupcakes! Can you imagine if you were to serve these to your guests.........they would be shocked to find out they were CUPCAKES and not the actual food!!! I'd love to see my friends and family's faces if I served these at our next BBQ!!! hee hee

Hope all of you are having a fabulous Summer!! We've been swimming and taking in all the sights, having movie nights ~ all the fun things to do during the Summer!! 

Have a Super Great Day!!!



  1. Have been seeing these amazing cupcakes "disguised" as whatever else! These bakers are so creative!

    1. @Lissa,

      The options are endless!! Whatever you can think of they can make into a cupcake!!! So talented!!!


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