{Left to Right: Nicolle {Libby Lane Press}, Ebony {Sparkling Events & Designs}, Melissa {Truly Chic Inspirations}, Me, Michelle {Intrigue Design Studio}}

Some of us party girls are ready to go to MSLO! Hoping to meet the queen of creativity! Approximately 80 small business owners were invited to the Martha Stewart Headquarters for workshops, networking and a chance to be seen on The Martha Stewart Show ~ live!!

When we arrived at MSLO, we were greeted with this sign: 

We were escorted to the 9th floor, where we'd enjoy breakfast, listen to speakers and indulge in a wonderful lunch!

First things first, BREAKFAST ~ Martha Stewart style:

{Yogurt parfaits ~ yum!}

{Honey Dew; Cantaloupe and Pineapple skewers}

{WOW, there's my name!! Pinch me ~ am I really here at MSLO??}


No, none of us were guest speakers, just having fun doing photo ops before the day begins!!

As we are preparing for our first big day at MSLO, in walks...........

Darcy Miller!! 
Can you believe it? She said she didn't have anything prepared to talk about, but wanted to come in and say hello! She was so approachable and so incredibly nice! She asked for one of my cards ~ so of course, I handed one to her!! 

At lunch we were provided some seriously delicious treats:

{Red Velvet Whoopie Pies, Homemade Mini Mallomars and Mini Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies}

{Mini S'mores Cupcakes ~ all I can say is YUM!!!}

After lunch we came back to the sweets tablescape:

{Rock Candy, White M&Ms, Popcorn, White Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Champange Bubbles, Jelly Bellys, White Mini Milk Chocolate Balls}

We each were given the opportunity to fill a favor bag! 

Listened to some great speakers today!!

Attended a dinner tonight, sponsored by some local girls:
Khaliah - The Party Muse

Good food, wine and conversations!
 I was lucky enough to sit by Nicolle {Libby Lane Press}, Joanne {Oh Goodie Designs}, Andrea {Print Your Party}, Ebony {Sparkling Events & Designs} and Lynlee {Lynlee's Petite Cakes}!! 
What a wonderful inspiration all of these women are!! I'm so happy to have met all of them and can now call each one of them my friends!
We were given a little treat from our new NY/NJ friends:

Stay tuned for day two at MSLO and don't forget The Martha Stewart Show!!