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My love for Oreos

Ever since I was a little girl, my favorite cookie has been the Oreo! Pretty sure if I could have any snack at all, back then and now, it would have to be Oreos! I love all things OREO!!

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This photo just makes you want to have a tall glass of ice cold milk and Oreos!! A midnight snack maybe? Or an afternoon delight? I prefer them any time of day or night!!

{photo via Domino's Pizza}

Now this is interesting ~ a pizza Oreo! Hmm, I could so do this pizza!!!

{photo via Annie'}

And of course, you can't not have Oreo cupcakes ~ two delish desserts together??? Now that is Greatness!!!

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Oh, please stop now ~ a Oreo frozen drink??? I've died and gone to Heaven!!!

{photo via Camille Styles}

OK, not sure why I didn't have THIS at my wedding!! hee hee All the kiddos would have loved me & I'm pretty sure all the grown up would have too!!! 

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And this is what I think of Oreos in general!!! Can you tell I'm so CRAVING Oreos?? No, I'm not pregnant! I gave them up for Lent and I'm so craving these bad boys everyday as I pack my kids and husband lunch!! Or I see them in the pantry!! OH, I must stop!!! I can make it two more weeks, RIGHT??? 

Hope you have a Super Great Oreo Day!!!


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  1. I ate the oreo pizza once. SOOOO GOOOOOD!!!!!!!! It is the BEST PIZZA EVER


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