I've been thinking about doing this for awhile now ~ Paying It Forward!! Have you ever done it for someone else or had it done for you? 
I've had friends and other Mompreneurs pay it forward for me and I'd like to return the favor. 

Networking with each other for each other, is how we help each other. So if you're a Mompreneur or a woman entrepreneur, contact me, and we'll "Pay It Forward". I love helping people out {especially Mompreneurs and women entrepreneurs}and if we can help you out we'd be thrilled.  
One of my friends said  "It’s important for you to OWN your business and TELL people about it."  {Tara of Taradara Made It}  In fact, she is one of my friends to "Pay It Forward" for me ~ I met Tara at SITS Bloggy Boot Camp ~ Denver last September {See post here} and awhile back she spotlighted BellaGrey Designs Etsy Shop. I can not thank her and all the others who "Pay It Forward" for BellaGrey Designs. So, let's "Pay It Forward" girls!! Leave your comments below or email me directly!

Hope you have a Super Great Day!!!