BellaGrey Designs: A Crystal Wreath

A Crystal Wreath

The other day, I share my favorite wreath compilation with you, well..........I found this one & it's so much fun!!! You have to take a look at this wreath!!  
You'll NEVER believe what it's made of  ~ 
go ahead, guess..........

Crystal Wreaths

SANDWICH BAGS!!!! Can you believe that???? Yep, take a look at the materials needed:

  • White wire clothes hanger
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • About 100 plastic sandwich bags (the fold-over, not ziplock, kind)

Bow (see "How to Tie a Triple Bow")

Then head on over to Family Fun to see the "How To". If you make this wreath, I'd love to see photos!!

Merry Christmas from BellaGrey Designs!


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