Can you believe Thanksgiving is only two weeks from today? It's hard to believe!! There is so much planning to be done and cooking too!! We are in the heart of the Holiday Season yet again. 

In our Turkey Thanksgiving Collection we tried to capture the colors of Fall ~ the oranges, reds, greens, browns and golds. I love the colors of Fall ~ so warm and vibrant. This Collection is for sale now in our shop.

{Custom Decorative Labels}

{Toppers ~ because they can top anything}

{Our fun wine bottle tags ~ make your hostess gift stand out from the rest}

For the view the entire Collection, go take a look in our shop.

What are you planning for your Thanksgiving meal? Do you have family and friends over or do you go somewhere? We have our BIG family Thanksgiving the weekend before so everyone can spend the actual day the way they want to. On Thanksgiving Day, we have my in-laws over for dinner, so it's a pretty small group of us. 

Hope you have a Super Great Day!!!!