This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the SITS Bloggy Boot Camp Denver!! It was an experience I'll never forget ~ it was fabulous!! There was so much energy in the room ~ it was incredible!! I was blessed to be surrounded by so many talented women all in one place. Although I couldn't talk {lost my voice ~ very sad about that}, I was so inspired after listening to the women that presented.

The day started bright and early with a breakfast hosted by Invisalign. The event was held at The Denver Regency Hotel, in Downtown Denver. In the morning, several fabulous women spoke, Authentic Branding by Amy Bradley-Hole {@AmyBHole}, Mastering the Creative Process by Jillian Tohber {@CatchMyParty} and Blog Design Basics by Aimee Giese {@GreebleMonkey}. I took so many notes ~ they all gave such insight to each topic!! I'm just giddy thinking back on each presentation and how much I learned!! At lunch I had the great pleasure to be seated at the same table as Toni Spilsbury and our earlier speaker Amy Bradley-Hole. Talk about a great lunch!!

After lunch I attended a break out session ~ Business of Blogging. Where more fabulous women spoke, Legal Contracts by Danielle Liss {@Danielleliss}, Hyper-Local Blogging by Barb Likos {@ChaoticBarb} and Fiona Bryant {@BanteringBlonde}, Going Pro - What You Need to Know by Tiffany Romero, the mastermind behind SITS, {@TiffanyRom} and Welcome to the World of Vlogging by Jessica Bern {@BernThis}. WOW!!! My head was spinning with all the great information!! I wrote so fast I can barley read my notes. This session was not only informative, but funny too!!

 I was one of four women from the Dallas area ~ Crazy!! I was super excited to meet the others and connect with them. This was my first blog conference and I learned so much ~ Thank you Tiffany & Francesca for a great conference!! I have to tell you, these women are unbelievable!! I learned I needed to start Tweeting, so if you tweet, you can connect with myself and BellaGrey Designs at @BellaGreyDesign.

Here are some photos from the conference:

{Me ~ giggling!!}

{Andrea Mueller, Haley Donald (two of the other Dallas ladies)
and myself}
{Toni Spilsbury and I}

{Amy Bradley-Hole and I}

After the conference was over ~ we all enjoyed glasses of wine provided by Mirassou Winery. There we all mixed and mingled and recapped the days events. I met several new friends.
Andrea and Haley are promoting a book called "Laughing at Wall Street" set to be published in November. Toni is behind The Organized Cook ~ if you don't follow her, you should!! She is author of The Organized Cook Weekly Meal Plan System.

I met so many incredible women there ~ wish I had a voice so I could have talked with more!! I'll be attending the SITS Bloggy Boot Camp ~ Dallas September 15, 2012!! Will you be there?

It has been four days since the conference and I'm still giddy with excitement of what I learned and who I met!!

Have a Super Great Day!!


{photos courtesy of BellaGrey  Designs and Bloogy Boot Camp Flicker pool}