Can it already be August 1st? Say it isn't so!!! Our lives are about to get a whole lot busier ~ school starts in the next couple of weeks, which means more activities!!! New Parent Coffee; Parent Orientation; Meet & Greet; Room Mother Breakfast.....that's just for the parents in the first two weeks!!! These parent activities are perfect for our School Days Invitation.

Then we have all the activities for the dates; after school activities; parties!!! My kiddos like school and are looking forward to a new year. With new teachers and some new friends comes a little bit of nerves. Change can be a little frightening, so I'll be sending my kids lunch box notes throughout the year, to let them know I love them or to give them encouragement or just to say hi. I started this with my daughter last year and she loved getting little notes from me in her lunch box ~ sometimes I'd hide them, sometimes I'd put them right on top. 

Do you ever look for a small note tag to attach to a teachers gift, take a look at these. 

They can be customized or left blank ~ whichever you choose. We offer lunch box notes, invitation, labels and tags ~ all of these have several different designs {except the invitation}. Come take a look at what we have to offer!! Our Etsy shop is stocked with several items!!! We hope we can help you make back to school a whole lot more fun with our fun and functional School Days Collection!!

Have a Super Great Day!!!