Picnics have been a classic summer event for many years. When you think of summer time, you often think about picnics. A family gathering or some friends ~ each of whom bring something to share with the group. I love picnics ~ they remind me of when I was a little girl, my family would go for a drive up to the mountains on Sunday after Mass. Mom always prepared simple sandwiches paired with chips and lemonade. It was simple but so memorable.

When I asked Isabella what she wanted for her birthday, she simply said a pink and purple party. This past Spring, we went on a few picnics and she had a lot of fun and continued to ask to go on more. So I asked her what she would think about a picnic party using her favorite colors ~ "yes mommy!!! I would love that and have all my friends come too!!!" Well, thats all I needed to hear and the wheels started spinning.

So the theme was a Pink and Purple Picnic Party ~ say that 10 times fast!! {hee hee}!!

 Here's the lowdown on the party:
At the front entrance of the house, I placed two picnic baskets which held the kids party favors ~ watermelon shaped and ant shaped cookies as well as a mini basket of Hershey Kisses.

I was so fortunate to have a fantastic baker available to make these adorable cookies to match the theme ~ she did a GREAT job!!! The kids couldn't wait to grab one as they were walking out the door!!
Thanks Nikki!!

I asked one of my friends and local vendor to create this beautiful script of Isabella's name for this charming metal sign I found here.

As you enter the main part of the house, I made a pennant banner using all the colors of the party and placed it on the fireplace.


Of course, you can't have a party without balloons, which I purchased here.

My kids have this wonderful easel ~ which I put to good use and wrote the menu on it.

Aren't these so adorable?? I purchased the great mason jars and used them for the utensils and placed them on the easel for easy access.


For the sandwichs (ham and turkey) I wrapped them in waxed paper then dressed them up with lime gingham paper and pink and purple ribbon. I purchased the cone water cups and wrapped corrdinating paper around them to match the decor.

Strawberry lemonade ~ quenches the thirst perfectly!!

The classic ants on a log snack ~ made with cream cheese instead of peanut butter.

I couldn't resist this cute little ceramic ant ~ I placed mint candies in.


With the remaining gingham candy, I placed them in a small picnic basket.

How cute are these little bite size cupcakes with mini ants on top? I was so excited when these arrived at my door!!


I made some larger cupcakes and created 'grass' on top and then placed a larger ant on top ~ these were a huge hit with the kids!!

I purchase these fun pinwheel skewers several years ago and finally had a reason to use them to make fruit kabobs {fruit on a stick}.

These jell-o in a jar desserts were a lot of fun to make ~ then to watch the kids as well as the adults enjoy them was even better!!! I tied a spoon to each mason jar for an on the go dessert.


I filled water cone cups with strips of green, orange, yellow and red peppers; carrots and celery sticks.

On the backyard fence I placed another pennant banner.

Found these pretty wasp catchers and placed one on each of the outdoor tables.

I set up a photobooth for the kids at the back of the yard ~ I hung a pretty damask sheet and found this wonderful destressed white frame ~ which the kids stood behind once they were dressed up ~ the birthday girl had a lot of fun with this activitiy, as well as the other kids!!

Here's a fun photo of the birthday girl!!! She loves parties and taking photos even more!!!


We all had so much fun!!! I really enjoyed creating this party for my daughter ~ she said "I had the best time mommy ~ thank you so much!!" It doesn't get any better than that!!!

I want to thank my awesome husband, my wonderful sister-in-law and neice for helping me pull the party together ~ without all of you, it wouldn't have been the success that it was!!!
Have a Super Great Day!!!


The Vendors:
Adorable Ant and Watermelon Cookies ~ The Sweetest Thing Cookies
The so sweet mini cupcakes ~ Cupcake Fabulous
Must have hair accessory ~ Sweetharts ~ The Sweetest Accessories
Cutest Tank Top Ever ~ Modern Frills
The Oh-So-Over The Top TuTu ~ FabTutus
Stylish Sign Decal ~ Creative Designs by Toni