I thought it would be fun for my kiddos to try to catch a Leprechaun this year for St.Patrick's Day!! So we decided to "build" a Leprechaun Trap!!!

{Cute sparkly ladder ~ my daughter's idea ~ who would've guessed!!}

We put it out last night and we'll do something fun each night. Leave some green glitter behind, maybe a gold chocolate nugget, a trail of Lucky Charms cereal.......heard Leprechauns like these things!!! Can't wait to see the kids faces each morning ~ what kind of mischief have those Leprechauns gotten into now??

{we added some Shamrock coins and some Shamrock strings ~ shiny things to peak the Leprechauns interest!!}

{And of course we had to add some bling to the outside of the trap ~ so they wouldn't be too scared!!}

Have you ever built a Leprechaun trap? If so, I'd LOVE to hear your stories & see some photos as well!! Please share!!

Have a Super Great Day!!!