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My BFF in Colorado was super awesome for flying to Dallas on short notice to drive with my two small kiddos and myself back to Colorado for Spring Break!!! She arrived in Big D on Thursday & we loaded up and left bright and early on Saturday!!!

Our Spring Break 2011 Road Trip started at 4a in Big D!!! I took the 1st shift driving - drove to OKC!!

Where we gassed up and eat some breakfast at Mickey D's!!! The kids & my BFF slept from Big D to OKC!!! They were rearing to go after a little breakfast!! I on the other hand was ready for some serious Zzz's!! My BFF took the second shift & drove to Hays, Kansas...........

Where again we gassed up & let the kiddos play at ....... yep, you guessed it........Mickey D's!!! We were there for about an hour & the kiddos LOVED it!!! Anything not to be in the car & sitting the whole time!!! I took the next driving shift - this system worked out GREAT!!! I drove to Limon, Colorado!!!

We were FINALLY in my home state!!! I was really anxious now to get home to see all of my family!!! My BFF drove the rest of the way home!!! We saw DIA airport & knew I was home & couldn't wait to see everyone!!!

Exactly 15 hrs after we had left Dallas that morning ~ we were at my sister's house ~ where all of my family was waiting!!! We all jumped out of the car ~ excitedly & ran inside to see everyone!!

The kiddos were AWESOME!!!! They were real troppers - never complained or cried. Just played with their toys & watched a movie or two & slept!!! If I knew it would be like that I would have driven a long time ago!!!

Our trip was wonderful ~ we had so much fun. The kiddos were able to spend quality time with my parents & their cousins, Aunts & Uncles!!! They even rode a horse for the 1st time!!! And LOVED it!!!

A HUGE thank you to my BFF who flew to DFW on short notice to drive to Colorado with us and then come back with us a week later & then fly back to Denver where she lives!!! Another HUGE thank you to my kids who were WONDERFUL!!! I love you both dearly & will not hesitate again when your daddy says let's take a road trip!!! And my AWESOME husband who unfortunately could not make the trip with us at the last minute (thats why my BFF came to my rescue) ~ his encouragement for me to still go without him!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

What did you do on your Spring Break or if you haven't had it yet ~ what are you going to do? I'd love to hear your stories and see some photos!!!

Have a Super Great Day!!!