Gather all your supplies:
  • Glitter ~ I used silver
  • Craft paint ~ I used all purpose acrylic in purple, green and yellow
  • Paint brush or paint sponge with wide brush/sponge
  • Craft eggs ~ you can get these at any craft supply store or you can use 'real' eggs (just make sure your refrigerate them)
  • Embellishments ~ I used K&Company Layered Accents
  • Paper towels or egg holder
  • Glue gun & glue sticks
You can purchase all these items at your local craft supply store!!!

Let's get started:

  • Once your gather all your supplies
  • Place about a 1/2 cup of glitter into a sandwich size baggie
  • Paint one egg at a time ~ make sure you put on enough paint so it will show slightly through the glitter
  • While the egg is still wet, place the egg into the bag with glitter
  • Shake the baggie, until the entire egg is covered with glitter
  • Remove egg from baggie & place on a paper towel or egg holder
  • Allow paint and glitter to dry ~ I dried mine over night
  • Pull out your hot glue gun (LOVE this invention!!!) and the embellishments
  • Place a small glue dot on the egg & place embellishment on glue
  • Allow to dry
  • Display your beautiful glitter eggs proudly!!!!

Hope you enjoyed this fun easy tutorial!! If you make these glitter eggs ~ I would love to see your masterpieces!!!

Have a Super Great Day!!!