Rock Star Party!!!

Doesn't that just sound FUN??? That's exactly what approximately eleven 5 year old girls did this past Saturday!!! You would have thought they were actually attending a Rock Concert!!! All the girls were so excited to scream and dance the afternoon away & celebrate their friends birthday!! I smile every time I think about the party ~ all of them had SO much fun!!

Each girl was given their Rock "Star" to decorate with stickers.....this was one of the stations the girls visited before heading to the "Upper Room" for dancing and singing!!!

No Rock Concert is complete without glittery make-up & nail polish ~ in fun bright colors!!! Some of the girls were putting on two coats ~ one with color and the other with .........You Got It ~ GLITTER!!!!! The more, the merrier!!!!

And of course, the tattoo station was part of the action too!!! Most girls had them all up & down their arms!!!

Once they were done getting "ready". It was time to get their tickets and their microphones!! Then head to the "Upper Room" to dance and sing their hearts out!! And that they DID!!!

Aren't these SO cute??? My wonderful friend Leah made them for all the girls ~ they were a HUGE hit!!! Can't imagine why??

The signage for the "Upper Room" ~ which was really upstairs!!

After all the singing and dancing they did ~ they were Hungry & Thirsty!!

By the end of the party, the girls were tired and ready to get their favor bags, which were filled with all kinds of goodies ~ sour bites, lollipops (blow pops) and M&Ms!!!

Hope you enjoyed the Rock Star Party as much as they did ~ my daughter has been talking about it all weekend!!!

Have a Super Great Day!!!


Cupcake Toppers; Tent Cards; Ticket Invitation & Favor Tags ~ BellaGrey Designs
Concert Ticket ~ Hoover Web Design