I met Kristin of Simply Klassic Custom Blog Designs by accident. We were both having problems with Blogger awhile back. I had posted my issue and Kristin was kind enough to respond with a solution. We then began talking via the internet. I had asked her to critique my blog and offer some suggestions if she wouldn't mind. I had told her "I like my blog, but its missing something!!" She was so wonderful ~ she stated my content was excellent but she recommended some changes for the design. Since I am ALWAYS up for change I immediately knew I wanted her to design my website, so I crossed my fingers and said a prayer, that Kristin would take on this task!! I was in luck, she was ready and willing to help BellaGrey Designs create a new image!! Back in September, when I initially launched, I came across Cheryl of Stylish Business Cards. I had looked so long for something just right and I had found it!!! I knew I wanted to incorporate the design on my card with my website design so I contacted her. Kristin did a FABULOUS job incorporating the two!! Now I have a new beautiful logo and website design!! She has been so incredible to work with and she's a perfectionist just like me!! So it worked out well!!

Thank you Kristin and Cheryl for creating the new image for BellaGrey Designs!!!