BellaGrey Designs: Pineapple in Paradise Pool Party

Pineapple in Paradise Pool Party

Last weekend, we celebrated my sweet daughter's 10th birthday! Which naturally, I hi-jacked! I just can't help myself! Afterall, I am a Party Stylist! 

In January, she voiced she would like a birthday party with pineapples! I suggested we have a Pineapple Party and she suggested a Pool Party! And the Pineapple in Paradise Pool Party was born. 

As you know, pineapple parties have been pretty popular for a few years now. You have seen the black and white striped party, the hot pink party, but no parties with the fun summery colors of Gold, Turquoise, Hot Pink and Rose Gold!

The invitation is the perfect place to begin the party planning process. Knowing the colors we wanted to incorporate, BellaGrey Designs got to work. I'd say the invites came out perfect! Exactly what I wanted, I mean, what my daughter wanted. Her favorite element, besides the colors, is the sweet girl pineapple on the back of the invite, too cute right? 

Once we knew the theme would be pineapples, I started searching for pineapple everything! From bowls to cups to decor and everything in between. If it wasn't the right colors, I spray painted it! Yep! Everything became the colors of the party, even a few of the honeycomb pineapples. What? You didn't know you could spray paint honeycomb tissue? It comes out great! 

Here's a little sample ~ I sprayed one hot pink and gold and one turquoise. The middle one it the original color. Aren't they pretty? Dried quickly and are so perfect! 

The backdrop was very important to me, I didn't want a boring backdrop, it had to pop with all this color! 

For the main table I used several tropical palm leaves, small honeycomb pineapples, gold paper medallions, decorative tissue balls, beautiful large turquoise paper flowers and two fabulous giant tissue pineapples to anchor the ends of the table. We are smitten with how this came out. 

Our uber talented friend Roni of  Roni Sugar Creations designed the beautiful cookies, I can tell you they were as good as they look! Not one was left over!

Sugarfina came out with these beauties just in time for the party ~ Parisian Pineapples from Paris! They are so delicious, I may or may not have kept a cube for myself! *wink* 

Don't you just love rock candy sticks? They are fabulous for a pool party and oh the colors we found matched our theme perfectly!

I contacted Sweets from Heaven to create CandyBobs to match the invitation, they nailed it! 

The second table we styled for all the take-aways for the girls to keep. I am so crushing on the large balloon "10" in the center of the backdrop, with Isabella peeking through the zero! We embellished the "10" with turquoise pineapple cutouts, to keep with the theme. 

 We had sunnies, pineapple drinking sippers and pineapple favors to be had by all!

The cute mini favor boxes were filled with some fun DIY goodies inside, made by the birthday girl herself.

For food, we had Chick-fil-A cater the party. All the food items were displayed on my beautiful turquoise party cart in trays to match and the guests ate off the plates we designed with Create UR Plate and the fun M8s! 

And how adorable are the wooden utensils with mini pineapples on the ends? 

You can't have a pool party without cute pool floats! I styled and designed this party name float with my daughter's name on it with embellished styrofoam letters. The girls loved it as much as my daughter did! What a fun photo! 

It was such a fun party and the girls had a blast! I can't believe my sweet baby girl is almost 10!!


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