As the baseball season opens, we thought today would be a great day to share my son's Vintage Baseball Party with you! You may have seen it featured on Amy Atlas last week, if not click here

As we started creating the party decor for his party, we knew we wanted something different. This party is a little Vintage with a little Modern. Starting with the colors. We used cream and a classic blue with red accents. Pinstripes throughout and classic baseball fonts. As we looked at different options for the invitation, we decided to make it a felt pennant invitation. We are so thrilled with how it turned out. 

 The night before was "prep for the party". My husband was so fabulous and cut all the astro turf for me and even made a baseball field out of duck tape on the dessert table. He is never shocked by what I ask him to do for me for a party! He's such a good sport! 

Love this memory thrown into the party elements! This ball was my husband's little league game ball! I just had to add this to the party!

Party Day:
It was cold and damp outside this Saturday afternoon. But inside it was all a hustle and a bustle, as we finished the final touches to the Baseball party my son had requested back in July. {Yes, he has caught on how this party stuff works}! Just before friends had started to arrive we finished getting dressed in the baseball shirts I had made with all our favorite numbers on the back, but my daughter wanted to wear a baseball dress. The party came together pretty seamlessly. I asked my sister-in-law if I could borrow the kids baseball gear, asked my husband for all of the baseballs he had in storage and borrowed some other baseball items from a friend of ours. Before we knew it, we had all the makings of a baseball party! All that was left to do was purchase some fun to eat goodies. We served the traditional hot dogs with all the condiments, cotton candy {which I placed in single serve bags with baseball tags}, Cracker Jacks, mini bottles of Coke and Dr. Pepper, candy waxed bottles, licorice, Double Bubble, cupcakes, baseball field cake and baseball themed cookies, popcorn {made in a Vintage Popcorn maker}, nachos with  jalapenos, fruit and a vegetable tray, and of course to top it all off ~ ice cream sundaes served in mini baseball helmets. We played noodle balloon baseball, pin the ball on the bat and "perfect pitch" where the kids had to throw a baseball sized balloon through a decorated hula-hoop! The kids had fun and all left with a fun party favor box filled with baseball cards, baseball shaped whistles, bubble gum and a baseball ring. We hope you enjoy the party as much as we did!!

{the top view of dessert table outfield}

{custom back drop with outfield}

I love this photo of my son, taking a peek of all the goodies for his party!

If you are a Texas Rangers baseball fan, you will understand the quote "That how baseball go" by Manager Ron Washington! We had to add that to our toppers!

I stamped all of the ice cream spoons with baseball words! They were a hit! 

We love how the favor boxes turned out!! We had them match our back drop!

Greyson's fan club!!

We hope you enjoyed the party!! Our Vintage Baseball Party is now available in our shop!

A HUGE thank you to all of the vendors who helped pull off this wonderful party!!

Concept/Design/Styling/Custom Printables:: BellaGrey Designs
Photographer:: MW Photography
Baseball Ice Cream Helmets:: Gumball Helmets 
Cookies/Cake/Cupcakes:: Margie Lou's Sweets
Baseball Vinyl Threads:: Creative Designs By Toni
Red striped baking cups/wooden spoons:: TomKat Studio
Party Favor boxes:: Piggy Bank Parties